Tips & Tricks for Shopping Used PC Parts

by turbolence1988MAR 24TH, 2019

Closing Thoughts

Although shopping used parts does carry a little more risk than buying something all-new, it’s a great way to get more power per dollar than you could by buying new. The ongoing arms race between Intel and AMD has pushed used component prices down tremendously, and the with the cryptocurrency mining boom long past the selection of components on the used market is better than ever.

Consider this - we’re in an era where an 8 core, 16 thread CPU (which was over $1,000 just a few years ago) can be had for less than $200 new or used, and a graphics card for 1080p, 60FPS gaming at High details starts below $100 on the used market. As competition among Intel, NVidia, and AMD increases into the future, prices will continue to fall as performance ramps up, and budget-conscious PC builders will have tremendous options no matter when they decide to buy.

Of course, buying used means you have to buy smart. Knowing what to watch out for when shopping for used components makes the difference between a great deal and a great headache, and we hope that this guide gave you enough advice and guidance to watch out for yourself as you navigate the market. There are more components in a machine and used part issues that we didn’t touch upon, but we covered all the major pitfalls that we could think of. If you want to pick our brains further, be sure to join the OzTalksHW Community Discord Server where our staff and many regular users can give you further advice in our #tech-support channel.

Once again we want to give a huge thanks to Phil from PhilsComputerLab and Bryan from Tech YES City for taking the time to bring us some of their best pointers and advice for shopping used parts. They’re both great friends of OzTalksHW and have wonderful YouTube channels and communities of their own, so be sure to pay them a visit and check out their content for different perspectives on computing.

Game on, friends!
- Turbolence1988