Humble Beginnings

My interest in computers started when I was twelve years old. Almost a year after recycling bottles and cans for cash, I built my very first computer for around $350. It used an AMD Phenom II X4 840, 4GB DDR3 RAM, and an XFX Radeon 5670.

When building my first computer, I noticed a lack of PC guides, reviews, and tutorials on the internet for budget gamers. I decided to use the experience I learned from building my first computer and pc building communities to start my own service. Thus, OzTalksHW was born!

The Vision

I hope that viewers can find their own passions through my computer videos. I believe we all have a God given calling, and I pray my videos can give a clearer picture of yours. When creating content, I remind myself of the following three points to keep myself grounded and ensure I'm putting in my best effort.


A getaway from stress


Exhibit God's beauty


Try it yourself


Say hello to the OzTalksHW team!


Video Editor

Hey guys, it's Ano and I joined the OzTalksHW team in around October as the head editor. I strive for upmost quality in everything I do, and the reflection of the videos we post are (hopefully!) good examples of that. I think that anything in your life that you put time into should be an extension of yourself, whether that be a hobby, a project, an idea. Nothing is too great as long as you have the guts to go through with it. And... if it wasn't obvious already I very much like the Gran Turismo series.

Discord: ano_eto#3037
YouTube: ano_eto



Hey, I'm Travis, and I recently joined the OzTalksHW team as a staff writer after doing reviews for a major electronics retailer. I'm a huge PC enthusiast both retro and modern, with a collection of machines spanning four decades of home computing. No matter how old a machine is, there's always a way to enjoy it! My favorite PC game is easily the 1990 driving game "Stunts" by DSI.

Discord: Turbolence1988#7178
Twitter: @turbolence88