How to Build a Gaming PC

by turbolence1988dec 22nd, 2018


There you have it. We hope that this guide helped make some of the more daunting aspects of building a computer into a clear, thorough, and easy-to-follow set of instructions for novices and budding enthusiasts alike. Computers are fun to build, but the process can also be wrought with frustration and moments that may test your patience. As fellow enthusiasts, we admit there were many lessons learned through pure trial-and-error, and we’ve done our best to impart the most important ones upon you in this guide.

Of course, even if you have followed this guide to the letter, not every machine will play nicely when you go to boot it up. BIOS errors, parts dead on arrival, misconfigurations, poor thermal performance, and many other issues could present themselves. Troubleshooting such a vast array of issues could fill an encyclopedia in itself, but fellow enthusiasts are here to help. Beyond the wealth of knowledge that forums and blogs can give you, we invite you to join our OzTalksHW Community Discord Server and hit us up in the #tech-support channel. We have many users who are well-versed in diagnosing and fixing computer issues for machines of any brand and complexity. We also invite you to leave feedback for this guide and any other OzTalksHW article or video.

Game on, friends!
- Turbolence1988