How to Build a Gaming PC

by turbolence1988dec 22nd, 2018


After several weeks poring over product reviews, part lists, and deal hunting blogs, you’ve finally made the call and ordered all the parts to build a PC. Welcome to the community! Whether you’re putting together a rig to play the latest video games, produce creative works, or just browse the web, your machine will be built exactly to your specifications and can be customized any way you see fit.

So, how exactly do you put it all together?

The complete $500 gaming PC

Building your first PC is an exciting but at times nerve-wracking experience. Modern PCs are highly modular and easy to piece together, but some steps of the process give novice builders pause from the number of things that can go wrong. Thankfully, everything fits together in a straightforward manner and won’t ask you to take the risk of breaking something when installed correctly. The OzTalksHW “How to Build a PC Guide” will walk you through from start to finish with detailed instructions and explanations, and we hope you find it a useful reference.

This guide was written in tandem with our $500 Gaming PC Build List, and will cover all the steps to put a comparable machine together. Installation of additional hardware not featured in that build is also covered here. We wrote this guide with novice builders in mind, but more experienced system builders may also find a useful tip or two. We of course welcome any feedback via email or at the OzTalksHW Community Discord Server.

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